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    replacing rideplate, stripped inserts

    So, I'll be taking care of my impeller shaft issue this week, but when i was underneath the machine i notice a few of my inserts for my rideplate screws were loose. The inserts seem to just spin with the screw

    my question is what folks have done to remedy this situation>? thanks.

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    You could take a hypodermic needle of epoxy and injected it in the space next to the insert. may have to drill a couple small holes right next to the insert.. keep the insert clean so epoxy doesnt get inside of it..

    just an idea.. never seen a repair on this area before. or if you can get the insert out, you could epoxy it back in. not sure if thats possible.

    maybe someone else has a idea for this also..

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    How about a pic of your inserts?

    I have a few spares I may be able to send your way as replacements.

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