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    Blew a OEM water line going all out.

    doing some wot rpm runs with different diameter rings yesterday afternoon. the oem water line coming off of the distribution block going to the exhaust manifold (by the waterbox) blew at the bend.
    at first i thought the coupler on the freeflow failed due to the change of sound in the exhaust. i was running with the back seat off and bucket removed to let any hot air flow out.
    i only knew i had water coming in and i needed to get to the launch ramp. luckily i was not far from it.
    then the water temp. alarm went off and i idled back.
    the bilge pump works very well
    it looks like the thermostat is coming back out and will be replacing the failed oem hose with some high pressure hose. if it is not one thing it is another.
    i was pleased with the skiis performance until that happened.

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    That was lucky. Just out of interest what is the water pressure in these skis? What is the rating of the hose that you are going to replace it with?

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