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    1998 gp1200 no fire

    morning all ive got a 1998 gp1200 yesterday friends had it out riding. after about 3 hours it stalled assuming it was out of gas they towed it in. after refilling they tried to restart it spins well but no t even a try to fire.i tried to start it with some spray start fluid and still no fire. i checked the fuse and it looks good. i pulled a spark plug held it to a ground and i see no spark. im a shade tree mechanic at best where should i look next? help please im your willing student.

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    ok i read it i too just had the stator cover off stuck bendix drive.after i reassembled its run fine for a couple of weeks. ill ask the question asked and not answered in the refrenced thread is there a not too complicated way to test the stator with out removing it and if not what should i look for when i remove it. any one can loan me a cdi unit to test with ?

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    Stator can be tested in the ski easy enough get the specs from the owners manual.

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