Is there any way to check the coils and spark plug wires without taking out the electrical box? I have a really nice 100$ multi meter. Was wondering if there is any way to check out all three coils on my 2000 GP1200R without having to take my battery box and electrical box apart. GPR is stage 2. I know I am getting spark at lower rpms to all cylinders but think one cylinder starts to have issues after 5000RPM when it misses consistently. #2 cylinder looked a little more "wet" than the other two. All carbs and power valves freshly cleaned with 3 new Pro X pistons but same, annoying electrical problem for 4 years. New Odyssey batter, plugs. Not CDI because I tried swapping out for old stock unit and same electrical problem exists. Coil, stator, or regulator issue I believe. Any Ideas GPR JEDIS?