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    Question SHO mystery problem

    Hey guys, long time greenhulk stalker here with a problem I've been banging my head against for the past couple weeks. My mods are Riva stage 1, Riva powercooler, E1, R2 reflash, powershot, hks bov, and a 13/24.

    One day it's running fine, doing 81 mph consistently. I change my oil, and then all of sudden I've lost power somewhere. The ski goes about 60mph and only revs up to ~6800 rpms instead of the 8300 i was getting before. I've checked the oil a thousand times in the water and its right in the center. Another thing is, the filter on the riva intake had fallen off so I put that back on. Also, while running a course with a lot of hard turns the oil light came on. I immediately shut down the ski and waited until things cooled down before riding again. The ski showed no problems for the rest of the day.

    I'm pretty certain its not the oil so since then, I've checked the coils-give spark, compression-consistent between all cylinders, injectors-all spraying, fuses-good, supercharger clutch-good, spark plugs-good color. I also took a glance in the pump area and nothing seems amiss. I don't have a boost gauge but all the hoses are where they need to be and the bov goes off. I'm running out of things to check....

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    Check all connections. Might have an air leak somewhere. Thats a big drop off in rpms. Check connections on air intake, supercharger, and intercooler.

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    Do you have a way to check A/F ratios? Are they normal for your setup?

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    I'll check all the connections tonight, thanks

    I had tuned it with a wideband beforehand. Its not on there now, but i'll have it back on soon.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ercBOOSTED View Post
    Check all connections.
    +1 especially the Powershot injector connections. It's easy to connect them without them actually snapping into place. Tug on them and see if they pop out.

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    maybe you sucked something up....look for a rope or something??

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    I had a similar question awhile ago regarding CC riding and the oil buzzer coming on....

    That's all I got.

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    mmm well since ur in the hull already jus take a quick check to see if ur supercharge impeller is turning both ways. if it is. u need a new cultch

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    Quote Originally Posted by gmoeller View Post
    I had a similar question awhile ago regarding CC riding and the oil buzzer coming on....

    That's all I got.
    the oil level needs to be @ the full mark.

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    turned out being fouled plugs

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