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    Just purchased, what should I need to know or do...

    Ive had other skis in the past, but with this model can anyone tell me what to watch for, what to take care of, etc..


    2003 Seadoo GTX supercharged - With Only 44 Hours.

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    Th 2003 I believe has a plastic pump housing, should switch to metal one.
    Also check and MAKE SURE the supercharger clutch washers have been replaced with metal ones.
    Change your oil and filter.
    Check pump cone oil/grease, make sure no water in it.
    Inspect everything and ride!

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    I've got the same ride.

    Yes, change out the pump housing. It will cause cavitation. I replaced mine with a 04 GTX SC pump housing. You might be able to purchase one off of eBay to save a few $$.

    This model already has the metal clutch washer for the SC, so just make sure it isn't slipping. The newer models went to the ceramic washer and caused big problems.

    Other than the standard stuff like regular maintenace, I usually run my Do's on the hose for the few minutes after most rides. Other than that you should be good to go.

    Have fun!

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