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    Where can I buy...

    Factory shop manual, and how much and I looking at? Also before I get close (hopefully im not close) to having to replace my supercharger, how much $$$ would I be looking at paying to the average dealer/mechanic, and also how hard would it be to do it myself?

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    I found a shop manual for my ski on ebay for around 10 bucks, got a instant download, and the cd copy.
    My local dealer wanted beetween 650 and 700 for the supercharger rebuild on my RXT. I pulled the charger myself, and had Jerry rebuild it. got about 450 in it including the shipping back and forth. The charger was easy to pull, just refer to the thread found on here, it will walk you right through it.
    If you still have the ceramic washer in your charger you should get those out immediately, regardless of how many hours are on the ski. The washer upgrade will be significantly cheaper.

    Hope this helps, and good luck

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    Thanks, its an '08 so the washers arent a problem, and I'm no where near the 100 hour mark (just over 4) but wanted to nip this before I had to deal with it.

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    I was having some other work done on my GTX-SC asked about rebuild of SC, including parts/labor they charged me $525. I was planning on doing it myself and sending it in for rebuild, but cost differential was only about $50-75. I am not the most mechanically inclined person, so I figure it would take me several hours for removal/install, seemed like a good deal to me.

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