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    RXT starting problem

    Hi everyone, I have a 2006 RXT with 43 hours (mostly salt water) on it and the only thing that has been modified is the riva supercharger washers in place of the ceramic janks. This year when I went to take it out (every winter it was fully winterized) I would hit the start button and it would just click. After pressing the start button a few times it would start. I spent the day riding it doing this and sometimes it would start on the first try others I'd have to try a few times until it would start, never left me stranded. I took the ski out of the water and checked the ground wires and cleaned them up even though they did not look too bad. Still clicks and doesn't fire up on the first push of the button, but does fire up after a few pushes. The clicking that I hear seems to be coming from the relay/fuse box right beside the battery. Could this be a bad relay, a different ground wire that I have not checked (only did the three that are on the front of the engine block), or a bad starter?

    Thanks for any info!!

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    Change your starter relay. Mounted right next to your MPEM( beside your battery). Follow your red positive cable from your battery to the relay.Relays go bad all the time. Seadoo updated them last year or they changed manufactures. They say they updated them.

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    so what is the new part no for this starter relay?where to buy?

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    I had the exact same problem on my 06 rxp and changed the started relay, this cured it instantly.

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    thanks everyone!!! Starter relay fixed it.

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