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    Domestic carb/flame arestor base bolts

    I need 6 of these damn things. Someone in all of my stash of hardware, I've used them all up! I want to ditch the K&N arestors on the SLTX for a bit and put a stock arestor back on...I have everything but the damn bolts.

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    Stainless allen head metric bolts are available at" Grainger" or "McMaster Carr". if you are in a hurry.
    If not in a hurry, I'm pretty sure I have 6.

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    I actually found 4 bolts last night and I have a few extra allen bolts so I think I'm good for now. Apparently I took a flame arrestor off the 900 and put it on a shelf. When I put it back together I got a completely different base from my parts box and put it on instead. I think I have too much stuff.

    I've been meaning to take some measurements and try to order them from McMaster. Does anyone happen to know the thread diameter and length?

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