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    should carb tamper block outs be removed when rebuilding carbs

    I have a 2001 gpr 1200 and I am going to rebuild the carbs. Should the high and low mix screws be adjusted? this ski has the d plate but is otherwise stock. Can you clean and put kits in the carbs without removing the air mixture screws?

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    Hi you could but thats not a very good idea... before removing the screws turn them in a 1/4 turn at a time and count how many turns in they are that will give you a good idea how many turns out they will need to be to start off your tuning process.

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    Be carefull when you drill the hole in the cap to take it out, if you let the drill go too far in after it goes thru the cap, it will catch on the screw and turn it. You will then not know what the original adjustment was. But to answer the original question: Yes, you should remove the caps, how else can you get the adjustment needle clean, or get the passages around it clean? But as far as adjusting them, if you have have been happy with how it runs, or did run before they needed cleaned, then adjusting back to original would be the best choice. GPR's are not the easiest to re-adjust when back in the boat.

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    yea i have a question about the same thing i just did a carb job on mine and was told to reset the low speed adjustment screws to factory spec. so i drill out the caps and found that my screws from the factory are turns all the way in with no adjustment on them. this is also the case on an xlt1200r i am doing the same thing to due to a lean condition after a carb rebuild. any suggestions on why this is and what the screws should be turned to??????

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