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    98 GSX Limited Bilge Pump?

    The 98 GSXL does not have a bilge pump correct?
    If so is it possible to get an either auto or manual one for it?
    I know it has the bailer tubes but thats connected to the bailer screens.....

    and the little black vent things on the front by the nose what is there purpose? i think mine had the wrong vent hose connected to it... it seemed to be spittering out air with the gasey oily mix into the water...sounds like maybe the gas vent was connected to this instead of the nipple on the carb? also the clear hose that is supposed to be venting by the battery? i think these 2 are backwards.....

    Fairly new to this and need some help understanding what goes where...and why....eventually i want to mod my ski .......

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    Try this...its what I and most board members use

    as for your vent lines I know one is for the battery vent. the other is a vent for the fuel system i believe.

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    Doo's tend to have a Rule 500GPH Automatic pump in them...

    Cycles once every 30 seconds I think it is (when lanyards on) and if its got resistance (water on inlet) it will run until its gone.

    If you'd like to make your bailers more effective remove the bailer screens get some longer 8mm hose and but a pair of rxp drains that have the bailer at the back built into the drains. This was the ski doesnt need to have much water in it before it starts sucking it out if that makes sense? <--- SurfNturf must be credited for this mod, its HIS idea not mine.

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    even my 98 gsx limited...? i dont think i can see or find a bildge pump any where in it... just the small bailer screen/bailer tubes.....tend to get gummy after a while tho...

    so any info on getting and or installing a bildge etc... would help alot !

    ok so the one hose was supposed to be vented to the carb... and the other is a vent by the there another on top the oil tank with the sending unit..? looks like its just sits there on top with the electrical and thats it no lines running thro to gas tank or how is the oil mixed with gas...i dont see any lines from the oil tank unless its under the bottom at the gas tank...

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    They did starting in 99

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    no bilge

    i believe they have some sort of suction tubes in rear of hull that work off VAC...but its very lil

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