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    Pressure testing

    What material is readily available to use to make some block-off plates to pressure test a crankcase? My only resourses are the auto parts stores & the hardware stores. Also, what is used to make a good seal once the plates are made. I thought of using some cork or fiber gasket material?

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    I get some almost 1/4 thick steel plate from Lowes and cut it with a 4" grind wheel.

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    Don't limit yourself locally.... has everything you could EVER want and will have it on your doorstep in only a few days...

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    i use 1/4" rubber to build block offs....i assemble the motor and sandwich them between the manifolds. is a good place to purchase the material.

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    Mcmaster's has just about anything that you would need. I did find some 1/8" aluminum & I was going to glue some standard fiber gasket material to the sealing side. I have a piece cut & drilled for the intake, and a piece ready for the exhaust pipe. Also, do I have to cap the water fittings on each head? I'm not completely sure of the proper way to pressure test the engine. I do have a psi gauge and the required fittings to plug into the pulse outlet to pressurize the case. If someone could give me a quick rundown on this I would appreciate it.


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    You wont need to cap the cooling lines. If you got air comming out there then you have a problem. I havent tested one like you are but I have pressure tested the cooling sytem to find a bad head gasket. I used a pressure regulator with a gauge on it to check mine. 10 psi should be plenty to check cases.

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    aluminum will work.but there is no need to build block-off plates unless u want to.rubber gasket material seals a lot easier...i just sandwich the rubber between the manifold and use the existing hardware to tighten them up...i have a brass tee with a schrader valve on one port and a 0-30psig gauge on the other. i have a regulator on my compressor and turn it down to more that 10 psi.

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