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    Hard starting - after sitting

    98 GP800 - Love the machine once I fixed the porporsing. One thing if the machine sits for more than a week it is a ______ to start. Even if it is running for a while then shut down for approx 30 min it needs the choke to start and run for a few seconds while feathering the throttle. If started 10 mins after engine warm fires up awesome. After warm up it runs like it should. Compression is very good and the machine has 98 hours on it. Cleaned the carbs but were not that dirty. Most likely a carb setup issue but not sure where to start. Any suggestions?

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    Did the diaphrams and check valves look good in the carbs? Have the carbs ever been rebuilt? You could remove the choke plates from the carbs and add a primer kit. You could increase your idle speed a tad, and also try richening your low circuit adjustment screws to see if that helps without compromising performance.

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