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    Opinion on a yamaha FZS


    I own two RXP one a turbo mod and the other stage 3 plus but I want to switch to yamaha FZS which give me an option of a 3 seater.
    I want to hear one is the advantages and disadvantage over the RXP.
    Thanks in advance.

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    hey luis some advantges u looking at are having not to change your cultch every 10hrs so on it. also it will definatly out perform your rxps in the chop if the fzs is fitted with stage 3.. an well some disadvantages i have heard , is that with the stock intake grate on there seems to be some overstuffing taking place

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    You've gotta ride an FZ. They just have a whole different attitude. I had a lot of crap done to my old RXP and was fun to ride. But all the boost in the world wouldn't have made a dam difference in rough to semi-rough water. The ski never stayed planted long enough to put the power down. It was unhooking 98% of the time. If you decide on an FZ, just ditch the stock intake grate and your golden.

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