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    2002 1200 virage

    i bought this machine last year it was supposed to be running .but .i went to start it would not turn i just took the battery out off it and stored it for the it out this year and took it to get serviced and going.put the battery in and it started right when he was going to service it .it went in that same mode manuel or service manuel.any suggestions..thanks.

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    Well, let's keep all your questions regarding this Virage 1200 concentrated in one thread, shall we

    2002 1200 Virage

    Is this a carburetor or fuel injected engine?

    Start by removing and cleaning both ends of both battery cables. Also make sure the engine end of the negative cable has clean metal-to-metal contact.

    When it doesn't start, what DOES it do?
    Does the MFI display light up?

    Does the engine click or crank at all?

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