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    Standup Wont Start

    It has been sitting for probably almost 9 years.

    It's a 1989 650 Kawasaki standup.

    When I try and start it, it just ticks. It sounds like the tick is coming from the electrical box or whatever it is, solonoid? starter relay? magneto? I don't know what it is on this ski.

    I cleaned out the starter and made sure the brushes that touch the magnet in the starter were moving in and out freely. I don't think its the starter. I think its the solonoid or electrical box or whatever it is that is in between the battery and the starter. The battery is new. Spark plugs are new. Cleaned air filter. Changed out old gas. Cleaned spark plug wires. It just clicks when I push the start button in and clicks when I let the start button out. The starter doesn't try and turn over at all.

    I just bought the ski from my cousin, because the engine is all tricked out and I figured it would be worth getting it running.

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    check inside relay box. Bet it is all corroded. Should kinda be self explanatory what has to be replaced once inside the box.


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    Ok before I take out? open up? take apart? the electrical/relay box I tried jumping the starter bypassing the electrical box and it still didnt turn over. I took the starter back out again and was trying to get it to turn over outside of the engine, but I can't figure out where to put the negative on my 12v battery starter/charger. I land the positive where it lands, but I can't land the negative on the body of it because the body is not bonded well when its not in the motor because the screws arent holding the 3 peices of the body together. if that makes sense.

    Where do I land my ground/negative and is their anything else I need to know about testing the starter outside of the motor?

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