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    2000 polaris virage engine swap from 1996 slt

    I have 2000 Polaris virage with 700 engines, my friend was riding it to fast in reverse and now engine is bad.
    I just got 1996 Polaris slt, with same engine, engine from 1997 mode has two carbs on, now what is better option to go with, two or one carb

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    I think the 1996 engine has two Keihin 38mm carbs, while the Virage has one 40mm Keihin carb.

    1996 was the very first year for the red domestic engine. The 1996 SLT 700 engine was rated for only 80HP, while the 2000 Virage 700 engine was rated 95HP.

    If you swap the carbs around, you may need to revise the jetting. The Keihin carbs do not have high speed adjustment screws, so all adjustments are done by changing the jets in the carb(s).

    If you install the SLT 700 engine into the Virage, you may need to also change the impeller to the lower pitched SLT 700 impeller, to avoid lugging the engine at a too-low max RPM.

    What is wrong with your Virage engine?

    How did running it in reverse cause damage?

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    The water got returned into cylinders .
    And there is adjustment for high and low speed

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