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    Question Ultra 250 motor rebuild questions

    I just purchased a 1999 Ultra 150. It was ran without oil, and blew the top end. It scored the middle cylinder. Should I just put it back to stock bore, or is it worth the hassle to bore it out? Will there be a noticeable power gain? Would the carbs need to be rejetted or can they just be adjusted?

    I need new reeds, Will the V-Force reeds give me a power gain enough to matter or should I just put the stock reeds in it?

    Thanks for all the info!

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    You can get that cylinder replated to stock bore. Going bigger wont make a noticeable difference unless you want to punch it out to 85-86 mm.

    If you check it close you will most likely find it wasnt run without oil. What happens is the oil lines crack. #2 is the only cyl that gets all its oil from 1 line si it usually dies first. I have bought 2 00 ultras with that exact failure. Replace all the oil lines with new tygon line and make sure you got the little spring clamps on.

    I like the v forces to me the most noticable thing with them is throttle response. I have both the d2 and v 3,s in a single pipe setup they get good petal life with tripples not so much.

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    Will just using V-force petals on the stock reed cages make a difference or will I need to purchase the whole set up?

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    The v force petals wont fit the stock cages

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