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    94 SLT 750 Help!

    Whats crackin folks.. Well Ive had a kawasaki x2 for a while now and am pretty familiar with it. I just picked up a 94 slt 750 for free, and have to say this polaris is a whole different breed.. Its in great shape, but had low compression in one cylinder. The guy that gave it to me was a mechanic and said the piston was garbage and was just going to replace the whole block, but that this one could get going if I just replaced the jug and piston.. Few questions I have is, there was oil in my crankcase, now I know on the kawi, that shouldnt be there.. is this normal on these motors? My center jug and cylinder looks good, but the piston looks discolored, or burnt on top, think its still usable though.. another one of the cylinders has some rust in it, is that usable? And then the one that the piston burnt up is all scratched to hell. What I want to know is if I can just put new sleeves in the cylinders, buy that one piston, then call it a day? Ive never done any internal motor work, but think I can manage it with a bit of help. Im also planning on getting the tri outlet mikuni pump. Other than that would this be all I need. Can post pics upon request if it will help get me answers. Thanks for any help.

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    Do you have the stock fuel pump on it still, with the fuel lines running in series to each other, 1-2-3? If so, you had a lean condition that burnt a hole in a piston, and need to get the updated fuel pump and lines. One piston can be replaced, WSM and SBT sell replacements online.

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    where are you at? i have a set of cylinders, and pistons ready to bolt on, i will make you a good deal on all or 1.

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    You need to get a triple out flow fuel pump they had a lot of problems with the old ones and you would wind up blowing a hole in the first piston, if there is a hole in one of the pistons now I would replace all 3 to be safe, and go to pre mix

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    Im definitely going to premix, and getting the 3 outlet mikuni pump. I dont want to put too much money into it, as in I just want to replace the one piston and cylinder. Greg, I am in Jacksonville, FL. Give me a price on one piston and jug, and possibly another cylinder without the piston. Thanks.

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