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    96 xp, burns plugs black first time out

    96 xp. will burn the plugs black and crappy on one tank of gas? too much oil? runs fine at first then gets worse and worse.

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    The oil injection sounds like it may be set too high. Also, if you do a lot of idling through a no wake zone it'll foul plugs out fairly fast as well. You might want to do a plug check. This is tricky. Run your ski wide open in an open body of water with nothing around you. Once you get to top speed hit the kill button and let off the throttle and coast to a stop and then check to see what the plugs look like then. They should be a tan color but, if they are still dark then you've got to much oil and the carbs may need to be adjusted a bit leaner.

    Having someone who knows how to tune do this for you would probably be worth it.

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