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    1995 Waveraider 701 possible cavitation?

    Hi, new here. (I'm Joe).

    I just acquired a 1995 wave raider 701 for 500 with a trailer. Much to my surprise, it runs! And well for the most part.

    Now, I have found some info on the possible cause of my issue but what seems to be happening is that at low speed I seem to get some weird over revving and the ski goes no where.

    For instance, if I were to try going from standstill to WOT, it might move a bit then all of a sudden it starts to over rev like crazy and I go no where while the ski bounces off the rev limiter. Once I get up to speed it seems that thing get a lot better. I can go WOT with out issue as long as I don't drop below a certain speed. This means no hard turning, or whipping people off the back.

    I read something about the pump shoe gasket possibly being blown out. So I checked the manual and I don't really see what the pump shoe is. (Intake grate maybe under a different term??) I bought gasket maker, but alas, I have no clue where to use it haha.

    Any help would be awesome. I'm on vacation in Florida now so I can't play with the ski, so I figure it would be a good time to figure out what I need to fix.

    I replaced the plugs, and started running some 93 through her as well. I haven't touched the carbs since it does seem to run perfectly fine, except for this possible cavitation.

    Any thanks would be much appreciated!! Thanks!


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    No one has had to replace those seals? Or can even confirm there being a seal?

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    give it a little time someone will respond. cavitaion can be caused by several things. Debris in the impeller / pump, to much clearance between the pump and the impeller or damaged impeller. I would check that first in that order. I have not had my pump apart yet so I dont know if there is a gasket or not. check the intake grate and inside of it to see if there is any debris in there rocks, seaweed etc. Then look at the cleance between the pump and the impeller. It should be real tight I think it only about .003 of an inch if I remember correctly. If not someone will chime in.

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    another thing you might check is the drive shaft coupler make sure its not stripped

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    Alright, well just in case anyone searches and finds this thread, I pulled the intake grate off. I found out it was a R&D. Awesome.

    Anyways, the sealant around anything there was more than non-existent. I cleaned the area very well, and gasket sealed the area also.

    Haven't gotten to take her out yet, it is still curing (even though the stuff says it can be returned to use right away.)
    I will update, when I get her in the water.

    Oh and there are signs of cavitation for sure, so I will most likely be looking for a new impeller for next season.

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    Fixed. Rockin.

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    So what was the problem?

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    It was the seal around the intake grate. I sealed it up with the "right stuff" from permatex. I may be doing another one as my neighbor has the same ski and is starting to have the same symptoms. I can take some pics if I do his.

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    Glad ur ski is running right.. It seemed to me like it was your drive coupler, i dont think that sealing the intake grate was it, i just think ur coupler is bad and spins , that why ur motor was reving to the limiter and not moving, u need to get a set of billet drive couplers, i want to get a set also cause my 701 radier 94, rev's like this when i turn on out of the water, and revs to fast at idle.. Anyways let us know if ur ski is holding up.

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