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Thread: VX 110 Squeaks

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    VX 110 Squeaks

    I have a 2007 VX 11o. Last weekend when I was riding it I noticed some squeaking, it almost sounded like a bird. I went right back to shore and pulled the seat and let it idle on the hose. The sound was coming from the coupler area. I called the local Yamaha dealership and they said to pull the cover and to grease it. I went out today to pull the cover and I noticed there isnt a grease fitting. I called them back and they said that no there isnt a grease fitting and I should spray the coupler with white lithium grease and this will cure my problem. I sprayed the coupler but I didnt have a chance to run it because it started to rain. The coupler has a rubber damper in the middle of it if you didnt know. Does this sound right or could it be the bearing next to the coupler or even the wear ring? Anybody have any ideas?

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