Hey Guys, I had a problem with my MSX 110 that you helped me find about 4 months ago. It was the SIFB that was bad. Once I replaced it everything worked fine. I only put about 1 hour on it and didn't ride it until last weekend. I have since purchased a Yamaha LX Cruiser HO and I was riding it and a friend was riding my Polaris. He said that a check engine light had come on and the ski dropped back to half rpm's. We ran slow and got it back home. I decided to take it in to a dealer and let them fix it this time. I called Wilmington Power Sports in Wilmington, N. C. about 50 miles from me and asked if they worked on Polaris. They are a Polaris dealer and they said yes to bring it in. I hooked it up and pulled it down there only to find out they don't work on turbo models when I got there. I asked him to put it on the scanner to find out what code had tripped. He said that he didn't work on them at all but to leave it and he would put the scanner on it next week but wouldn't work on it. That sounded kinda crappy to me so I just brought it back home. I called Britt Yamaha here in Jacksonville, N. C. where I live and they don't work on them either. Is there any other scanner that will tell me what the problem is? The ski looks brand new with 95 hours on it. I'm really kinda scared of it now. I've only put about 3 hours on it total and have had a problem everytime I've ridden it. When we got back to the dock with it I didn't even look to see what the light said for myself he just said that it said check engine. Where do I start? Please help. Y'all helped me so much last time I'm almost ashamed to ask again but I'm at witts end. Thanks. Harleyboy