Well yesterday was just a PITA getting everything ready to go yesterday..This is the problem. theres got to be an easier way.

I went to get my slt and sl. all went good there, hooked up the trailer and was gone. no problem there. When I get home, I took the sl off the trailer, push it off to the side. easy enough, it's empty.

Then had to back up the double trailer to the shed and grab the Pro. Ha, easier said than done.. it was on the stand full of gas and it was heavy.

That ski is not light with a motor and a full tank of gas in it. so this is what was happening as i was trying to get it on the trailer..

The trailer sits about only 4 inches higher than the stand. sounds easy huh? NOT. I tried lifting the nose and got it in the air but couldnt slide the ski forward to get onto the bunks. the square ends of the bunks prevented the ski from going onto the trailer!. I tried cranking the ski onto it, but it wouldnt go. then tried lifting it and pulling it onto the trailer but i couldnt. it was nose heavy. I thought about putting a board underneath the nose to raise it high enough but didnt have a board.. errrrr

So then I unhooked the trailer and tilted it down to the ski. that looked like it would work. but it didn't. everytime i tried to crank the ski onto the trailer, the trailer would pivot as I cranked...

So I put a big rock under the tire and still it slipped and pivoted as i cranked.. took 2 trys and finally got it to stay put.

So I readjusted the rock and it finally got it going onto the trailer once the trailer didn't move. So i get the pro onto the trailer about 1/3 the way up and I tilted the trailer flat again to make it easier to crank on and the stand got caught up under the nozzle and actually stood the stand on its end with the little cross bar on the stand holding onto to the stand. UGH!

so as i'm trying to get the nozzle off the stand, i had to lift the ski up and just push it onto the trailer as it let go of the stand. what a PITA

At first, I took a long rope, wrapped it around the base of the stand and hooked it up to the trailer and pulled the ski to the end of the sheds door. that worked great!

Finally got the thing on, and somehow broke the lens on the light in the back of the trailer.. and the lisence plate got bent too.

I need to totally figure this out and make it easy to get it out of the shed. this is just way too much work to get a ski on a trailer by yourself..

1 idea was to cut the bunk boads at a 45 degree angle in the back instead of them being square so that the ski will slide up the bunks easier.

Not sure how to keep the trailer from pivoting as I crank the ski on..

I could always tip the trailer down to the ski but would need to modify the stand to prevent the bottom of the noozle from hitting the stand again.. of course, in order to do that, I would need the trailer to sit still. its not a single trailer, that would be easy..

Any creative ideas? I dont want to have to go thru all this everytime i wanna ride,, thats BS>.

I also noticed this morning as i was taking the battery out, that with all the rain we had lastr night, the gunnels in the skis were full of water and when i tipped it back. it tilted back kinda easy with the addtional water in both skis.

then tilted it back down to the ground, that tells me that the new box on the fron there is JUST heavy enough to keep the trailer from flipping backwards like it used too with no box on the front. so thats all good. nice even weight distribution. So the box is a winner! with a little supplies in there, it will work just fine as far as weight, distribution, and tipping ability.

This how my day started yesterday,let alone the ski running out of gas, battery screwing up, getting stranded, getting towed, left the dog home alone, batteries dead in the gps,losing my cell phone, and my marine radio battery dead, and a huge storm coming,, But like I said, I'm going to ride this ski no matter what!. And I did,! lol