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    150 msx turbo overboost problem.

    Hi, there was another post in here with very similar issues as mine had but i still cant solve it. When I punch it out of the hole it sences overboost (rpm 4700). The light does not flash but it does boost up and then goes into protection mode. If I start out gradually and take it easy all seams to be fine. When the overboost occurs , I shut it down by kill switch but i did not pull the lanyard. Is this a must to reset it. I can verify the line from the wastegate is clear(blow through it freely) . The wast gate also does open up . Could there be a linkage problem where the waste gate is not opening quick enough? Also i am almost certain the solenoid is functioning properly and with a test light power is going to it. Aslo all the hoses seam to be tight so that seems ok. Would there be a way to test the boost/air temp sensor. I unpluged it an the ski ran like crap.

    Anyways i will try to adgust the linkage today so it is very near the verge of opening as close as i can get it. How much travel should the wastegate move.
    Thanks for any help you can provide.

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    turbo problem fixed

    It just happened to be that the linkage was set to tight and was no opening quick enough or opening much at all. I extended the arm about a 1/4 inch out and presto full turbo with no overboost conditions. Thought this may help others with same problem.

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    Thanks for the update

    If you happen to have some clear photos of the problem area, that might be helpful for the next guy

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