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Thread: broke choke

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    broke choke

    I went to ride my slx today and I found out I have a broken choke connecter, itís the part that connects each of the shafts together between the carbs how do I replace it and where can I buy it? thank for the help guys

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    The shafts are connected by a small connecter. It fits into a slot at the end of the shaft.Than a rubber sleeve slides over the joint. The problem is the 2 shafts are 90* opposite. So you will need to loosen or unbolt the carb from the connecting bars. And pay close attention to where the throttle shafts connect. You should check the carb sync when done.

    The small connecter looks to be aluninum.Is that what broke ?
    Slide the rubber sleeve towards the rear of carbs,than you can see what broke.

    I have a couple connecters from parts carbs if you need them.

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    yea thats the part that broke a deffently need one or two if you wouldn't mind parting with them thanks for the help kyle

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