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    Won't start unless fuel poured into carb !

    Hi all.

    I've an avon jet rib with a Yammah 2 stroke that will only start when fuel is poured directly into the carbs. After that, it runs absolutely fine.

    It's running Super BN 38s which I've stripped and cleaned with new service kit, but still have the same problem.

    I'm thinking of taking another look at the carbs but would appreciate any thoughts.

    Thanks in advance

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    check the reed valves, sounds like its not drawing fuel from the tank i dont know how yours is setup, but i had an issue on my gp1200r similar to that with fuel lines going dry, then the only way to start it was to pour fuel into the cylinder to get it to start, then the engine vacume would draw fuel into the carbs. it was caused by bad reeds that in turn created a low vacume

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    This seems to be a problem on most yami 2 strokes, the best solution so far is to install a fuel primer kit. Solved my starting problems

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    Yup install a primer kit and be done with it. Most yamaha 2 strokes need them.

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