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    Looking to pick up a RXP in the next week- Advice?

    I'm looking to pick up a RXP in the next couple of weeks. I have two XP's both of them modded and I love them. I'm just looking for something with more power, maybe more reliable, and that can cruise easier in the ruff stuff. So far I've found some used ones for 5200-6900 with the hours between 80 and 180. I've even found a few dealership left overs for less than $8k (08 Models)

    What are some important things to look for? How many hours are considered "high mileage" Any year models to avoid?

    Thanks in advance

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    search threads, there are A LOT in on here, I had one i posted and I know there were 2 more.

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    Not saying it happens all the time just saying thats my luck, I bought my RXP brand new and didnt really check anything till I got home and the Trim didnt work. Toke it right back and they said they could fix it next week, it was on a Friday and I was going to the lake house with a brand new RXP with no trim. Thats something to look for from my exprience. Lets just say I had everybody in the store looking because the next week fix on a brand new ski did not go over very good

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    Well just picked up a brand new RXP-X! Already had a bunch of fun with it! Can't wait to get it broke in.

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