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    OEM Replacement decals for older seadoos?

    Does anyone make OEM replacement decal kits for older seadoos, more specifically the 1996 xp? Let me know if you know of anything. two of my decals were damaged by acetone.. others are pitted. I like the ski to look original so im not into stripping them all off like many others do. The decals are all discontinued by seadoo.

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    I have an almost complete OEM set (new) for an HX
    which I am about to put up on e-Bay, but I dont think they would set quite right on the different shaped hull of your XP.

    Before those decals were discontinued they were outrageously expensive. The entire set for the HX was over $250 for the upper and lower R and L sides.

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    Yeah those wont work.. but thanks for the offer.

    The reason why I posted up is that I found a guy on ebay a while back who does complete graphics kits for all years of the yamaha GPR and the quality is OEM. He sells the kits for around $200 for the complete kit! I figured someone must do it for the XP since the manufacturer has discontinued.

    SideFX has a couple of kits that look similar to oem but they come in wacky colors like lizard skin and cow print.. not to mention, ive heard he is very unreliable..

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