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    95 800 xp has ratle when in idle??

    Hi everyone.. having problems.. when in idle its rattleing pretty hard... i checked if anything was loose or bumping up aginst anything.. nothing all clear.. also im having the same problem with it cutting off after about 10 min of riding. i plan to check out the ecm.. is it expensive to replace? and where can i get a new one?

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    MPEM is over $1000 new. I doubt your mechanical rattle has anything to do with that.

    First, Grease the PTO/Drive Shaft Grease Fitting to push the drive shaft tighter into the Jet Pump Impeller Splines. While out of the water, that is where most "rattling" sound comes from in 2-stroke Sea-Doo's. If it's the same *in* water then check the clearences on the RAVE Valve sliders or temp. remove them just to see if the rattle goes away with the part.

    It wont run strong above 5500 w/o them, but you will know if that is creating your "rattle" or not. If it is, replace the Slider and Body as a set-- they're worn beyond their mechanical limit.

    Cut-off problem is most likely a clogged Fuel System and/or Carbs. If you have the original Grey Fuel Lines---GET RID of them before they blow your engine, clean and rebuild the Carb's and douche out the crap from the bottom of the Fuel Tank. 15 year old Fuel System, your lucky it lasted even this long.....

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    its pump rattle most did it when new. There is a anto rattle cone you can get. It may help some. Turning the idle up a little may get ride of it. Or just live with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4.0l sahara View Post
    its pump rattle most did it when new. There is a anto rattle cone you can get. It may help some. Turning the idle up a little may get ride of it. Or just live with it.
    +1 Also do the DIY fuel thread stickied at the top to eliminate your 10 minute run time shutdown.

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    If the pump is rattling you can get the same cone and the parts inside for a 98 SPX and it'll help with the rattling or knocking sound at idle while in water.

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    My 96XP doesn't rattle in the water, but when its on the trailer idling it rattles pretty good. Is that normal? do I need to rebuild the pump or add the anti-rattle cone as mentioned earlier. while in the water it runs great and I haven't noticed any performance change.
    I also have a 95 GTX and while that's on the trailer idling it makes no pump noise or any other rattle at all, is there a big difference between those two pumps, I mean can I use my GTX as a reference as too what my XP should sound like?

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