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    2001 xlt 1200

    Hey everyone I recently bought an xlt1200 2001 ski love the boat I'm 20 years old and it's been nothing but fun untill I lost compression in the first cylinder and dropped a powervalve I ordered a new motor because I wanted to start fresh and had it put in by a local mechanic I was able to work with him through the whole process I really enjoy riding and I'd like some help on what mods I can do for my ski I won't be able to do everything at once but I'd like to make the ski go faster anyone feel free to throw thier two cents in because And advice for me is helpful I'm kinda wanting to go with a sleeper theme keep it looking stock but when I get on the gas I know it's not thanks alot

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    XL 1200

    I'm sure the others will chime in, but I have a 1999 1200 and the guys recommend the ride plate and pump plug kit. You need to make sure your oil lines are secure with clamps if they are not already and you will need to make sure your cat con is still good or replace it with a d plate and sensor. I'm pretty sure your ski has all the same issues mine has, but I'm sure the pros will correct me if I'm wrong (nothing else I'll help you get some quick responses. I'm still rebuilding mine, so I am not much help beyond that. I do know that you will have to sink some money into it for any speed increases. The more speed the more money...

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    If you have an SBT engine you wont drop another Powervalve, otherwise get the wave eater clips, of change to aftermarket powervalves.

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    Bought my xlt last summer stock and it's been alot of fun. Make sure you do alot of searching as most of your questions have already been asked and answered before. There is a TON of information on this site and even more ppl willing to help you out. If you want to start doing some mods, I found it's best to research and gather up parts and install a few at a time to save from having to take apart and reassemble too much. Enjoy, have fun.

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    Thanks guys I got the motor from sbt and removed the cat and went with the d plate any advice on what pitch I should run on my impeller

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    Get a tach if you plan on doing performance mods so you can tell what your rpms are at but stock the solas concord 12/18 worked good for my XLT then after Jims performance got done with the XLT I had a 14/23 with a top speed of 71.8 gps

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