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    Question special rivets and tool?

    2009 fx sho, on the back corners there are bumpers that protect the hull. one of mine has come loose. looks like a rivet of some kind holds them on. anyone know if these are special rivets and is a yamaha tool needed to replace them?

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    Go to your local hardware store Buy aluminum rivets and the tool! Done

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    I recently did some work on the corner bumper area for some hydro turf replacing... the corner bumpers are held on by pot rivets (stainless) and then a coloured "mushroom" which is basically a cover that pushes into the rivet underneath to make it look nice.
    If your bumpers arent actually falling off then you probably can get away with banging them back in otherwise its time to invest or borrow a rivet gun and rivets (not that expensive - in the UK anyways)

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