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    Wtb a new 3 seater

    So im gettting ride of my rxpx and want to get a 3 seat to leave stock. Like to go fast but like to play more.
    I road an is last year and loved it but $$$$
    so im torn as to were to go.
    I just stopped by the local dealer today and looked
    like the new rxtx cool colors. But 14999
    they have a 09 rxt is for 13999
    but the gtx limited is 14499 no brainer there
    and for next year maybe a new motor i hear

    also they have a 09 rxtx for 10999 i thought was a good deal!

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    Quote Originally Posted by beachboy66 View Post
    and for next year maybe a new motor i hear

    I personally very much doubt that, since they JUST put in a 260HP motor in the newer machines this year, and changing an engine every year doesn't make business sense.

    I think that if you want a 3-seater with power, the RXT-X would be great. I have a 2009 RXT iS and I think its an amazing machine. I'm not going to mod it anytime soon. It's an extremely fast and comfortable machine with lots of power and great handling... But I'm sure you already know that.

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