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    951x4 guys running msd boxes in here.

    Finally gonna fire my 951x4 up this week I think. Before I do that wondering where your switches are set on the enhancer so I can start with a base area and work from there. Thanks !!

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    glad to see you where finally able to get back to it.

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    just set it up to
    +7 initial
    start retard at 4500
    retard 12 degrees total
    rev limiter at 7500

    base timing on a 951 is 20 degrees....
    this will put you at 27 intial and and 15 at 7500

    you'll be running 7000 rpms at 16 degrees

    I think this was the switch settings but you need to double check:

    Max Timing: on on on (+7)
    Retard Begin: On off off (4500 rpm)
    max speed Rev: off off on off (7500 rpm)
    Hole shot: off on off off (3500)
    Max Speed Retard: off off on on (12)

    This where i have had mine for the last 30 hours....

    LMK if you play with it and something works better. I am too broke to start flippin switches lol.


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