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    1996 Sea Doo GSX engine stalls

    I am trying to fix my sisters ski. She got it from my cousin who just recently had a new motor installed and claimed it ran great. When she first got the ski, it needed a new key stem and the ski sat for close to 2 years until I finally replaced the stem for her. Now the ski will start and run fine out of the water, but as soon as you put it in the water it will not rev over 2000 rpms without stalling. It will start no problem and idle no problem, just wont rev up without stalling out. I have checked the carb settings and they are adjusted to OEM specs. I drained all the fuel and added premium fuel to the tank. I let the ski idle around for a few minutes in the water and tried to throttle it up slowly thinking it may have bad gas in the lines, but still no difference. Now my next step is to remove the carbs and clean them out and see if I find anything. I also thought maybe the timing might be off. Any other suggestions from you all that may save me time?

    Thanks for any info!!!

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    If you have old grey fuel lines, replace them. Rebuild carbs, check popoff pressure, clean or replace fuel selector, clean filter in sendiment bowl, drain and clean out gas tank, clip plug wires 1/4 inch, clean RAVE valves, replace pugs.

    Start with above and report back.

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