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    Polaris 700 oil question

    First off,
    Hello i' Mike,i'm new to this site,looks like a really good site and hope to visit as ofen as i can

    My question is: I have a 2004/2005 Polaris 700 twin Sportsman
    on the instrument panel in the right hand corner the is a little picture of a wrench flashing?? I was told it was a oil service light??? i serviced my bike but not sure how to reset the light so it doesn't flash?
    Any help will be greatly appreciated

    Thanks in advance

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    Are you asking about a Polaris watercraft, or some other Polaris land machine?

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    Ok sounds like your maintenance light is on. This is just a reminder to let you know that you have reached a service interval. It is easily reset and counts down from the amount of hours your program in it. You also can turn it off completely but it is a great tool to use.

    Key off for at least 15 seconds. Unit must be in and hold the override button at the same time turn the key to the on position(don't crank it over). You should see the screen say "V2.3 or so". Then you can let go of the override button.Then push the override button to toggle trough the diagnostic mode.You are looking for a screen the will have the wrench on it and should have 0.0 with a hour meter icon.When you are in that screen press and hold the button down for about 15 seconds.It should then say"OFF"let go of the button.It is not off completely. If you want to set the number of hours to have it start counting backwards from just press and hold the button until it goes from off to one.Let go and press the override button till you get to the hours you want i.e. 25 or 50. then stop and it will stop flashing and the numbers will be solid with a decimal point behind them. To get out of this mode just shift it into gear or turn the key off and back on again. The next time you start the machine it will not longer flash until the threshold is met!
    I hope this helps....
    P.S. I think this is in the owners manual if not I am know it is in the service manual...

    Good Luck!


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