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Thread: Got it running

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    Got it running

    Checked oil flow at carbs lnes were full no flow while cranking.Bled pump still no flow,cranked engine for couple of seconds still no flow! Pump was working when former owner shorted ignition any suggestions? Thanks

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    Go to pre-mix and be done with it. cap off the lines on the engine and buy a plug and cover for the oil pump hole, Then take the oil tank out.

    or change all the oil lines and take apart the pump and check for debris. clean oil tank and add new oil. then try again. no air leaks! or else it wont move thru the lines, its hydraulic not air powered.

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    You will not see oil flow while cranking the engine.

    The oil pumps very slowly, as the engine does not need much oil. You will be using oil at no more than 1/40th the rate you use gasoline.

    This is not like a four stroke engine, the oil pumps very slowly on these 2-stroke engines.

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    I did actually start the engine for about 3 seconds after seeing no flow when just turning it with starter.after I didnt see any at carbs I pulled the line from tank (had good flow replaced it checked at filter had flow but not as good.I asume this is normal.I am afraid to run it at this point.Manual that I bought said it shoud have flow at carb lines while cranking engine.I agree the flow would have to be very small ,I am just afraid I dont have any.Would you put it in water and start it? I would like to keep the pump! Thanks for your help

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    if you are worried mix some oil and gas in the gas tank and run it like that til you are comfortable with the oil flow.. you will not hurt anything doing this.

    i would go 40/1 for a few gallons and then check oil flow again!

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    The oil pump has a lever,that uses a cable to attach to the throttle. More throttle=more oil flow.

    When I checked my oil pump/ running, it barely had a dribble.( Note; I sprayed fogging oil in carb,to lube engine with oil line off) You could pull up softley on the pump lever to see more oil dribble.

    I think the test in the service manual, is to pull the lever up while running and watch for an increase of smoke out of the exhaust.

    There is an adjustment on the pump/or cable to increase oil flow, my friend does this and his craft smokes more.

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    Thanks I decided this morning at work that I would pull the gas out (its full) mix some 40 to1 let it run in lake and see if I can get some oil out of lines

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    Thanks casey I am aware of lever and adjustment tried flow with lever pulled up even though manual didnt mention it

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