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    Help. Virage I Not Running

    Fantastic site, been going through everything I can find but still not sure what's wrong with my ski. It's a 2002 Virage I. It cranks fine, but it seems the computer is not sensing the engine is starting up. No spark, no fuel.

    Battery seems to be good (charged it several times, used another battery too), getting 11.5 at the battery when cranking and around 11 at the red/purple wires going into the emm. Checked the CPS resistance, looks normal. Voltages on the stator are in spec and don't show any grounds (though one pair flash a different number briefly before showing no continuity, kinda odd).

    Tried starting with the TPS disconnected, tried with with the mfi jumpered. Never fires.

    A little background. The ski was stored at the cabin it looks like mice got into it. None of the wires appear damaged tough and it did pop off the first start, ran for 5 seconds or so and then never restarted. Both fuses are still good. Is it possible the LR is bad? I measured the voltage at the lanyard and could see it drop slowly after stopping cranking, so the capacitor seems good. Also, when cranking the MFI never wakes. It does wake if I hit the display button though so I think it works. EMM maybe?

    I've gone through the service manuals and I'm to the point of just replacing parts one by one. Looks real expensive that way.

    Any help is much appreciated!

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    Arrow Bypass LR-503-1 (4010724) Start/Stop module


    Unplug the LR-503-1 (4010724) Start/Stop module (tucked somewhere in that mess of wires on top of the fuel tank).

    Find the Black/White wire in the wiring harness (pin A) and use an alligator clip wire to jumper it to Black ground (pin D). Do NOT short any other pins.

    This bypasses the Start/Stop module. Now the only way to stop the engine is to remove the lanyard.

    Try starting the engine. If it starts, then the Start/Stop LR module should be replaced.

    Make sure both Reset button circuit breakers are supplying power.

    If the engine still does not start with the module bypassed, then the EMM is suspect.
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    Thanks, I'll give it a try tomorrow, after I find some alligator clips.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lsvf98 View Post
    Thanks, I'll give it a try tomorrow, after I find some alligator clips.

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    No good, still no start and the mfi doesn't wake up. I'm trickle charging batteries tonight and I'll jump the one in the jetski tomorrow with an extra, just to be sure it getting the volts.

    I don't look forward to trying to pullout that emm, I can't even feel that bolt holding the 40 pin connector to it. I should of started on this earlier, MN summers are too short to miss weekends.

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    No good, still no mfi wake up. I pulled the emm, that was fun. Took a look under the covers and the top looked ok, but the bottom showed a possible issue? Picture below, I'm wondering if that bubbled area might be a blown part? Either way I'm contacting DFI tomorrow. Hopefully have the ski back up and running by the 4th!
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