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    MSX 110 Intercooler brass


    I took my MSX110 to my dealership/friend due to check engine light in 1700 RPM limp mode. He found the throttle body out of range as far as electrical. Well after investigation the brass bracket inside the intercooler had broke free and was stuck in the throttle body. He advd it could be run w/o it, but he wouldnt recommend it. Has anyone heard of this issue. This bike only has 57 hours on it, and it was driven by my mother, so no harsh riding. He said it was a bracket that held internal rubber hoses inside the intercooler.

    I guess he called his other buddies at dealerships and they have never heard of this issue. Maybe Im just the lucky one

    I have ran searches on this site, and have heard of the issue once before. I just thought I would run it by the forums for discussion.

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    This is very common in the MSX 110. I have seen plentyThe intercooler starts to come apart on the inside. You are lucky that it only made it as far as the throttle body. Most go into the engine and get stuck between the intake valve/seat. You might just want to compression check and do a leak down test just to make sure everything is OK.

    P.S. Look for a MSX 150 intercooler. They do not come apart like the 110 ones do.They will bolt right on. You just have to take the adapter off the from of the motor and the intercooler slides on. You have to slide the 150 intercooler in from the front.

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    Glad I read this thread before I got my 110 going. Thanks for the heads up Jay!

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    my dealership called the head tech at Polaris, and the tech told him this has happened many times, they dont know why they fall apart. However it was ok to run w/o the brass. Saves me some major cash!

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