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    Yamaha WR500P with J500A

    Hi folks new to the forum and have an old jetski sitting around that I want to put to use. I believe it is a 1993 and will have to check tomorrow for sure. I am pretty good at boats and have actually had the carb apart to clean the gunk out, thanks ethanol!!! Anyway, the ski runs and I have ridden it before, however it does not have any pep. I plan on rebuilding the carb it needs it badly. What else should I look at as far as performance.

    I don't want to build a racer, I just want it to be peppy for my 190 pds of fat. What should I expect out of this machine as far as speed and acceleration? and what is it capable of without mods?

    Thanks in advance for your advice

    almost forgot, any advice on where to get a carb rebuild kit, and will I need to pull the carb to determine the rebuild kit I need?

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