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    2010 RXT-X 260 D.E.S.S problems

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    I just broke in my new '10 RXT-X 260RS and it is an awesome machine. Only have had 2 problems: S/C hose blew off and DESS key giving me problems and error codes constantly. I have heard this has become a common problem but I believe I have solved it for many cases. The rubber ring inside the key is too big and prevents a solid contact witht the post, so I sliced it down with a surgical blade. It now plugs onto the post straight everytime and 100% reliable with no error codes. It also still fits tightly and will not come off easily. I would still suggest to anyone trying this solution to take off a little rubber of the retainer ring in small steps and keep doing it until you have a reliable ignition every time. Seadoo in Australia were hopeless in providing a solution. It would sometimes take 7 or 8 goes to get the ski started before.

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    I doubt that the problem was a poor contact but the speed in which the iControl models give for input for the DESS code after the post "reads" the magnetic switch of the DESS key.

    Although the iControl models do tend to be more sensitive to DESS input I have found that if you are firm with the installation of the key then you will never have an issue.

    I also find all DESS keys much easier to apply if you twist them slightly during application to allow the air to escape so the key doesn't have the pneumatic resistance from the area inside the cup of the key.

    As for the SC hose, tell your dealer to use a 420851703 clamp off a 215hp model if it fails again.

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