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    Plastic wear ring?

    I have a '97 raider that needs a new wear ring. From what I've been reading on other posts alot of you guys are replacing the wear ring with the plastic liner. Who sells these? Are these much better than a good used one?

    Anyway this will be the first time I will be replacing a wear ring and I would like to know if there is a straight forward procedure on how to do this. Does the engine need to be pulled or can I remove everything from underneath the ski? Do I need any special tools?

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    WSM makes the housing w/ the replaceable plastic wear rings. I think you can get them from or any Motorcycle dealer that sells from a wholesaler called Partsunlimited.
    The housing are about $130 or so complete and the sleeves are like $30.

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    they work great as long as your not big on hole shots. They don't last long ....if your into that. Under normal riding...they last a long time!


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    i stock these plastic sleeved housings in dozens.... they go into all my customers machines when the OEM wear rings lock the pumps... they work great for us... on all the yamahas old school and even 4-strokes

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