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    2004 GTI oil leak

    I have a 2004 GTI and it has the oil injection pump. There is oil in the ski and after running the ski and pulling it out of the water, a green mess will come out of the drain plugs. Inisde the ski towards the front, it almost looks like a caramel mess. Trying to figure out if the oil injection is leaking? Should I block it off and use pre-mix?

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    is it an rfi? if so, no premix.
    i'm not sure if the 04 had the 720, but that you can premix.
    you should also check the rotary oil lines and tank. sometimes the bleader screw gets a slight leak

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    Not sure what rfi is? It is the cheapest 2004 model you can buy. It has the seperate filler for oil and gas. It is the 2 stroke base 85hp.

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