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    r&d 85/88 with a solas x1 or way to steep?

    found a set of r/d 85/88 nozzles for 40 bucks i couldnt pass up. I have a solas x1 prop polished on my 96 xp. no clue on current rpms just got boat back and building below. or should i get a new prop like solas xo. I am looking for more top end i guess, since i dont race anymore.

    It has ppg level 1 head
    bored 1.25mm over
    sbt true welded crank
    lightened pto
    msd enhancer
    primer kit no choke
    re-jetted carbs
    solas x1 prop

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    damn, where did you find that nozzle?

    any more? ha

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    I'm thinkin that prop will be a little tall with what you currently have. You could always have it re-pitched if you need to rather than buy a new X0. I think that I would try it first, go from there.
    Robert V

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    I think the root angle is different on the X1 versus the XO. So if you bend it down it still may not perform exctly like an XO. It will probably be too tall. I've run one...she really loads the engine...

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    so for top speed and all around performance stick with the solas XO or go to a skat trak? I am not racing anymore so its river and lakes.

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    Unless something has changed with Skat props are not good for top speed. I tried a few of their swirl props and I've still got them and they are great for buoy racing but, not for top speed. The stock prop is really hard to beat in this area. I am referring to a stock 96 XP prop. Later 785 power X4 hulls are a bit taller pitched. I tried to repitch a X1 lower but, it's just not as good for speed as a stock prop.

    A lot of what I'm saying can be corroborated on Klemm's site. They did a lot of testing and I think that's pretty much what they came up with too. I run a Rossier pipe too and around 7300 rpm and the stock prop and 85x88 nozzles works well for me.

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