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    Arrow How to convert my ski to Pre-mix

    I just bought this ski for $500 and supposedly has a new motor, I dont know what happened to the old motor, and I know the best thing to do is just to go premix to eliminate the risk of a worn out oil injector....I've converted seadoos and many dirtbikes, premix with block off plates and such but what is needed on this engine? Do I need a block off plate or can I just take the injector off and plug up the oil lines? I did a quick search didnt help, an article with pics would be great...So what will I need and what will I need to do?

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    How to convert my ski to Pre-mix

    You have to put on a block off plate, pull the pump and oil lines.

    Not sure what's involved with the carbs. I did mine, but it's an efi ski and I only had to cap the oil line ports.

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    Pre mix inst.

    many members follow this link but there more info on the "search" info

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    Awesome thanks, thats the exact kind of link I needed, along with the other good stuff on there

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