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Thread: sl650 no spark

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    sl650 no spark

    hi i have bought a sl650 it is a 1994 model pretty good nick ti be honest however it dioes not have a spark and i was wondering if there is any suggestions which it may be i was told u check the battery as this may cause it what can be the problem thanks for the help

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    check the battery first.. you need more then 10.6 v

    click on the link in my signature for really good info

    and use the search funchtion.. its your friend.

    oh and by the way

    Welcome to the hulk!!

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    thanks very much for the info and i shall do tht i have been told tht it may well be the ecu type thing dont know what it is called but i am looking to replace this and was wondering were i should get one from also i have charge the battery up and have the right voltage what next should i do. thank you very much for the acceptiance of ur reply haha im sure i will enjoy my time at the hulk

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    What is the voltage though after the charge?

    John Z might have a cdi, shoot him an email. Very good guy.

    also since your in there, check the ground cable & conections. Clean as necessary.

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    thanks for the help lads im new to this so will take me a bit to get used to i have looked at it have all ground connections belling out on multimeter so all is fine i was wondering if it may well be a large black box with a mistibushi sign on it with alot of cables going into it is this the cdi? also who is that guy and how can i contact him? thanks ally

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    thanks for the help i managed to find him on here added um and emailed him just waiting on a email back and i supopose i must just have to buy the whole lot then also what reeds must i use on this engine as im not quite sure thanks

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