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Thread: carb jetting

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    carb jetting

    i have a 2001 gpr1200 and it is time to do the carbs.. after searching i have found that with the stock air box 115 on pilots and the mains should be either 120 or 125 and it depends on where i look. I still have choke plates but i can loose them it is a rec ski does anyone know what jets come in the stock carbs

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    iteresting development on the way to rebuild carbs

    found the dust on top of the carbs. found stinger bolts tight (bottomed out and lock tight) but the brackets were loose. I did notice a new tone to the ski this year and the carb issue got me started. almost glad the carbs needed the rebuilt. The pump side of of one of the carbs was held on by screws that were not much more than finger tight. might be why i had high speed issues. also the carbs were stock. I removed the tamper caps ( thanks to bill and the cajun) and the adjusters were almost closed. none of the high or low screws were 1 turn out. most of the lows were at about 1/4 to 1/2 turn and all the highs were 3/4 or less

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