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    replacing stator

    I have the front cover and do not know exactly how to remove the stator

    positive input would be great

    it is a 96 700 sl
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    Did you remove the flywheel? The stator is under it. Remove the flywheel first...

    Under that, the stator has an aluminum base plate that bolts to the mag housing with three phillips or allen headed bolts. Remove those bolts and the whole assembly will pop off. You'll also have to remove the 2 10mm headed bolts that hold the grommet to the MAG housing and then fish the grommet and wires through the hole.

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    Check the tech section for directions?

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    Make sure you mark position of stator before you remove it so you can line up new one on your marks or timing will be off and you'll be guessing.Stator has 2 ridges on it that line up with where case splits close inspection you will see what I'm talk'in about. You will need a puller to get flywheel off and some rope down into jug/ plug hole to hold crank to get nut off. do a search as stated above theres alot of info on this here. Nate

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