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    Oil in Hull

    I have a 2002 Virage. I get oil in the hull every time I use it. I have taken the oil tank out, inspected for cracks etc - it's in great shape. I replaced the lines from the tank to the oil pump. It looks like it might be coming from under the engine?? It appears to happen when the ski is sitting. I just put it on the water after cleaning it up, rode for 30 minutes put it on the lift and there wasnt oil in the hull. A day later the hull probably has a half a quart sitting in it.
    Anyone have any suggestions?

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    Welcome to the Hulk

    My guess is that it is leaking where the small hoses connect to the oil pump, or where they connect to the throttle bodies.

    Scrub up the oil pump area (a toothbrush and Simple Green works well), rinse it clean and let it dry.

    Then wrap and tie short lengths of clean white cotton cloth around each of the hoses right where they attach to the oil pump. Wrap more cloth pieces around each clamp, all the way from the oil tank to the oil pump.

    My guess is that one or more of the oil hoses is leaking, and the cloth will soak up the oil where the leak is. Once you see which cloths are soaking up the oil, then you know where the leaks are.

    You can do the same at the throttle body ends of those small oil hoses.

    Lay some more cloth flat in the bottom of the hull, under the front of the engine, and under the oil feed hose from the oil tank.

    I had one Virage leaking where the oil hose connected to the oil tank. There was a molded ridge where the tank nipple was formed, and the oil was seeping past the hose clamp, no matter how tight the clamp was.

    I removed the hose at the tank, trimmed the roughness away from the tank nipple, and no more oil leaks. I had to remove the oil tank before I found and fixed what was leaking.

    If the hoses are leaking where they connect to the engine, often all you need to do is remove the hose, trim off 1/2 inch, then re-attach and re-clamp.

    If the oils hoses seem old or brittle, then replace them.

    I also found oil was hiding inside the convoluted plastic sleeving that protects the oil supply hose. Clean that out if you find it is seeping oil after you have repaired the leak sources.
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    I replaced the oil lines but will clean everything (AGAIN-UGH!!) as you suggested and better locate the leak. Just frustrating. Thanks for the advise.

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    What is the best fix if you have oil leaking out of the black cap fitting on the oil tank nearest the motor? When ever I tilt up thr ski that is when the oil leaks out on my 2001 Virage.

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