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    717 Flywheel removal

    trying to get the flywheel off a 720 to get to the stator thats in pieces.

    I see a black ring in the inside and cant get it out, i took out the starter and banged it from the side but it wont budge, I believe this type of flywheel does not need to be unscrewed like the pto flywheel.

    I tried heating it up 3 times and nothing,

    also I want to buy a stator that fits the 720.


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    You should only have to unscrew the Nut on the Flywheel and use a Gear Puller to pull the Flywheel. I usually tap the Flywheel with a hammer while tightening up the puller center screw since the Nose Cone which the Flywheel is on has a tapered end and a keyway---dont damage the keyway by smacking the Flywheel itself or the Crankshaft will be whacked....

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    Remember the one we did on Germain's old GS? It sounded like a gunshot when that sucker broke loose.

    That was the "Rock" boat, if you recall...

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    Very common to have stuck flywheels on these engines.

    With the hard-to-pull flywheels, I use a combination of:

    1. Good quality puller ( forget HF cheapies...get the proper threaded one!)
    2. Heat localized on the shaft/flywheel joint (I use a MAPP torch..)
    3. Bang on the end of puller shaft with hammer( don't overdo it...)

    I gave up sometime ago and bought the proper threaded pullers, makes the job much easier. However, this makes the heat application tougher, need to heat and quickly screw on the puller, tighten, bang, tighten, bang....POP!

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